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Hawkeye FIREFLY 8 Action camera

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Hawkeye FIREFLY 8 Action camera


1. SONY IMX117 Top-level Image Sensor

IMX117 is a top-level image Back illumination sensor of SONY, producing very good Wide Dynamic Range .

2. Novatek NT96660

With the powerful processor NT96660, FIREFLY 8 presents high quality videos (2160p/24fps, 2.5K 30fps, 1080P/60fps, 720P/120fps, WVGA 240fps etc.).

3. Bluetooth 3.0

A small Bluetooth remote controller (not included in the standard package) is designed for you to wear on your wrist or tie to the selfie stick(not included in the standard package), now you can capture photos/videos more easily.

4. External microphone

With a high quality external microphone (not included in the standard package), you can record a higher quality voice.

5. 2 inch high brightness IPS monitor

Brightness adjustable IPS monitor adopted to make it bright enough under sunshine and not too bright at night.

6. 1200mah detachable battery

FIREFLY 8 goes with a new type 4.35V battery and the battery life is up to 1.3 hours.

7. Six-axes Gyro video stabilization

After six-axes gyro adopted, Firefly 8 can produce very stable video image .


8.RC Remote control

You could remote control to capture videos/photos through RC receivers by using the Hawkeye remote control cable.

9.Selfie Mirror

The unique design of selfie mirror will help you selfie more accurate.

10.1/4 inch Screw and lanyard hole

These thoughtful design will help you carry the camera every. We always think small and think different.

11. 2.4G WiFi 

Connect it to your mobile phone via WiFi, you could easily share your photos.

12. Brand new APP

You can modify most of the setting and update your camera through the APP.

13. Waterproof case and accessories

We test every waterproof case and provide multiple accessories for you to have more fun.